A. J. Moore High School National Alumni Association

Souvenir Book Ad

Do you have something you want people to know about, put it into our Souvenir Book.

Alumni and Friends, As we anxiously ready for the next major event, it is hoped that you will show your school spirit and loyalty by purchasing an ad in the souvenir book. The ad may be congratulatory, in memory of …, business advertisement, spiritual message, or words of inspiration if the wording is appropriate and uphold the standards associated with our past teachers, classmates, and overall school climate.

All ads, documents, photos, graphics, artwork or notes must be submitted by July 1, 2022 to meet publication deadline. Submit Ads Online, Mail-in or E-mail. 

Reunion Website Online Form: Your ad is in Final Format and ready for publication. Only minor formatting or sizing may be made to fit the space on the page. The finished content of your ad should be in JPG, PNG, JPEG or PDF. All information in your ad should be in one image file. Upload your image file ready for reproduction and publication in the form below.

Mail-in to the Association PO Box: Mail-in ad are considered loose format. Send ad as you would like it to be designed. The ad will be designed as you suggest and gives the committee permission to choose the font and appropriate placement of the copy. The paper copy of your ad shall be of high quality, color, and high pixels count. Paper copies of photos or PDF documents submitted for your ad will require scanning, formatting, and sizing to fit the page. Include all content for your ad including format, arrangement, or page placement. Please do not fold your ad when mailing it in. Send Ad Contents typed and give the committee permission to format the ad. If required contact the Souvenir Book Manager by phone prior to sending your information.

E-Mailed to ajm.reunionads2022@gmail.com: Your complete Souvenir Book ad contents and photos can be submitted by e-mail. Some ads submitted by email may have no suggested format. Send ad contents and photo (if applicable) and typed content for the ad and give the committee permission to format and design the ad. Photos or Content transmitted by e-mail shall be of same high quality and easily formattable. Payments for Souvenir Book ads that are emailed must be sent to A.J. Moore High Alumni Association Financial Secretary (Ads) P.O. Box 1384; Waco, Texas 76703. You must include the Souvenir Book Ad Form with your payment to clearly identify the ad that you are purchasing.

Notes: Do not send documents and photos by Text Message. Electronically is the preferred method. Send your ad information as soon as possible. Documents and photos sent for ad purchase and placement must be paid for prior to creation of the ad. Ads will not be created or printed before payment is verified and received. Any paper documents or photos that you send to the Association may be returned. You must indicate with your ad submission the address where you want your documents returned. All ads must be submitted by July 1, 2022. Advertisement information and questions concerning the Souvenir Book Ads may be sent to: Ms. W. Napier, 1500 Evans Dr, Waco, TX 76704; 254-799-1426 or ajm.reunionads2022@gmail.com. Thank you for your cooperation.


A.J. Moore High School National Alumni Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1973 in Waco, Texas, and has been strongly supporting deserving students and their descendants for the past 45 years.